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 This novel explores treachery and associated vigilante punishment in our present culture of corruption. Treachery today is evident in government, in business practices, and indeed in every walk of life, even in our churches. It is a rare week that goes by in our real life without newspapers reporting on an indictment or conviction of an individual who had public trust and who misused that trust.


 Circle 9 refers to the ninth circle of Hell as depicted in Dante’s epic 14th century writing “Inferno.” Dante’s Inferno has concentric circles that represent progressive evils. In each circle the punishment is appropriate to the corresponding sins committed on earth. Dante’s hierarchy of sins begins with sins of weakness, the mildest of sins, then downward in Hell through a multitude of sins until finally descending to the depths of Hell to circle 9. That circle was reserved for the worst sinners, those who commit fraud, betrayal, and treachery to family, to public/country, to guests, to benefactors.


An individual doomed to Circle 9 was the worst of the worst.


            In this modern story two brothers communicate surreptitiously using steganography technology on an Internet quilting website to coordinate their activities as modern vigilantes operating against corruption in business and government and religion. A mysterious FBI insider discovers their operation and aids them. A Christian youth leader becomes involved when a member of his “Jesus For Good” group becomes a suicide bomber.


            This book suggests a Constitutional Amendment be enacted based on the principles in the honor codes of the U.S. military academies. In its basic form, applicable to all elected officials in public office, the proposed oath of office would include “I will not lie, cheat or steal, and will not tolerate those who do”.


            What punishments are appropriate to modern crimes? An earlier novel by the author, “The Elevator,” describes a hierarchy of punishments in Hell for all forms of the evils of today.


  Anagrams are used extensively in the book for names of people and places and things.
You might try to identify the many anagrams in the story, and the translation of them.
The anagram key is provided as an appendix.
(The name of one brother, Deane Roth, is an anagram for "Dante Hero")
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